Thursday, June 30, 2011

Productive Day Off

I've been spending most of my time at work, so I was excited to have a day off. I woke up around 10 and decided I would sleep for a little while longer. The next time I woke up, it was 3 in the afternoon! Although I was shocked that I slept in so late, the long sleep felt amazing.

I spent the day running errands.

  • I returned a library book
  • paid my rent
  • bought some hair dye
  • went to Big Apple Bagels
  • went to Goodwill
  • went to Plato's closet
  • went to Jimmy Johns
  • dyed Kelly's hair.

My friend Kristen told me about a promotion that was going on at Big Apple Bagels currently. The location near my work is giving away free coffee to anyone named KIM! (or Gary). I've never been there before but I felt obligated to try it. I ended up getting a bagel & cream cheese too. They have so many different kinds of cream cheese I'm going to have to go back and try them all! It was delicious and so was the coffee. 

I went to Plato's Closet and there ended up being a huge clearance sale there. I guess it was just my lucky day. I ended up getting 4 shirts and a swim cover-up. I didn't notice that they were 50% off until I got to the counter. I spent less than 15 dollars. WHAT a bargain! 

For those of you who didn't know, Jimmy John's was having a customer appreciation day today. They were giving out subs for only one dollar! I forgot about it until my way home from the store. I picked up Jake and headed over to Jimmy Johns. I guess my luck ran out by this point because when we got there, the subs were back to regular price. The dollar subs were only going on until 3:00. Bummer... I still ended up getting a sub and it was worth the extra few bucks. 

I promised Kelly I would dye her hair today, so I picked up some hairdye for myself too. My highlights are growing out so I decided to go back to all one color. After I was done with Kelly's highlights, there was some bleach left over so I bleached a little part of my hair to try to look like those feather extensions. I tried to put it in Kelly's hair too, but it was hard to see. It's not very noticeable, but it was a fun time. Here's my new racoon tail highlight and hair color

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Free Caricature

The apartment complex that I live at was hosting a party with free food, mechanical bull, jousting, and caricatures. I went down and got some pizza with Megan. We waited in line to get our caricature done too. I gave the biggest smile for about 5 minutes straight ( a little unnecessary). The picture turned out pretty funny. It's definitely going on the fridge!

I skyped with Amy after and she kept telling me she wanted to go get ready for the Poison concert. I kept doing things to stall her and she didn't even notice. I even told her to stay still so I could draw a caricature of her. I think she thought I was taking it seriously,, but of course I was just trying to get her to stay on skype longer. here's a picture of my lovely drawing (notice how long I was able to keep her on skype) 

43 minutes, 11 seconds

Friday, June 17, 2011

My mom wants me to blog more...

So here is a little update on my life:

I recently got promoted to MIT at work. So far training has been great. I actually look forward to going to work in the Summer since I don't have class or anything else to occupy my time, so I'm glad to be doing something new there to keep it interesting.

This past week I was sporting some awesome strawberry nails and Ninja Turtle toenails. The turtles are still staying strong, but the nail polish on my hands chipped while I was at work. Here's a visual.

Jake and I took a trip to Cadilac (where his family lives) and I got to meet his doggy Nina. She was such a sweetie. Jake's dad took us to Messick, which is the morel mushroom capital. He also made an awesome lunch for us. We went up to the YMCA while we were there and went swimming. I can't dive off of a diving board at all now! I just belly smack. Here's a picture of Nina. (.. and I thought Lucy was big!)

Yesterday Megan and I went to Mainstreet Pub for dinner. Kelly met us there. We ordered too much food! Our total bill was about 35 bucks (which is a lot of food there). Luckily we had a coupon. Dayna ended up being our waitress which was awesome. I haven't seen her in a while. They had a fundraiser going on for Kalamazoo Heroes. We each donated a dollar to get our name up on the wall. Here's our donation names that we decided to write. 

My friend from work got me started on this show called Dexter. I think I'm hooked. I've only watched about 5 episodes, but they've all been pretty good. I'd recomend it. 

Also, I went out to my mailbox today and found a letter from Chelsea Kirchoff. I was so excited. I love getting mail! She sent me an awesome temporary tattoo that says "yer mom" can't wait to wear that one! Thanks Chelsea! 

and thanks to you for reading! I'm off to work.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Should Have Named him Sleeping Beauty

Now that my internet is up and running again, I can actually post pictures. 
I was going though some of my pictures in my phone and saw some pictures of my fish that lives in Westland. 

I used to have a blue betta fish named Snowflake back in high school that I LOVED! I could clean his fish bowl and scoop her up in my hand and she didn't even flop around. He ended up living really long too. Unfortunately... when he died I got a replacement betta. (I should have known that no fish could replace my Snowflake)  I got this fish before I left for college, and I decided to leave it in Westland with my parents. The past couple of times I went home, he was sleeping! Not just floating around slowly, full on resting on the bottom. From what my parents tell me, he does it every day. I decided to take pictures the last time I visited home. 


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Movies Movies Movies

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately. Mostly because my internet is ridiculously slow at my apartment and I have this feeling that I'll type up a big long entry and BAM! "You are not connected to the internet" will pop up on my screen, so I'll keep it short. 

Since Summer started, I've been trying to use my free movie pass every week. Who am I kidding? I was doing that well before Summer break.

Bridesmaids was hilarious, I saw it twice! The humor in it reminded me of the Hangover.

I just watched Hangover 2 which I thought was pretty funny too. I've heard mixed reviews from customers/employees at K10 about their feelings towards the Hangover 2. The complaint that I've heard the most is that it was too similar to the first one, but that's what I loved about it! It was like they extended the original.

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean and thought Johnny Depp was pretty funny, but I've never seen any of the other ones so I wasn't that impressed.

I watched Something Borrowed not too long ago and hated it. That was by far my least favorite of my recently watched movies. I laughed at a few parts, but the whole moral of the story was awful in my opinion.

Today I watched Kung Fu Panda and it was surprisingly really good. I usually love watching animated movies, but I'm always a little skeptical. It was funny to see mostly college kids in the theater and still have the whole audience laughing.

X-Men comes out this week, I'm sure I'll end up seeing that too!

(I just tried adding pictures to this, but of course my internet isn't too fond of that idea)