Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Roommate Amy

 As most of you know, Amy has been living with me for the past couple of weeks. I thought we would end up hating each other by now. Surprisingly, we're getting along better than ever.

I've managed to get her hooked on the show Dexter. We're currently waiting for Jake to get out of his movie so we can all watch season 3. We've been looking forward to watching it all night so we've been forced to keep ourselves occupied with other things.

First, I tried to talk her in to letting me paint her face. She agreed to a small portion of her arm. 
Then, she wanted to paint mine. I promised not to look at it until it was done. I thought she was painting a sleeve of motorcycle tattoos or something. I was wrong. 
It was fun, that's what counts. 

Jake's here! time for some Dexter :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

No Scrubs

Over Memorial Day weekend, I went up north to Betsy's cottage. From day one I told them that I wanted to make a music video in our down time. On our drive up north, the song "No Scrubs" by TLC came on. We all started singing it and knew the words. I decided THAT was the song we should lip sync to. Unfortunately, we flipped our canoe with my camera in it. The camera went underwater and got ruined. It wouldn't even turn on. I wasn't able to film anything for the music video after that and it really bummed me out.

I had some time to kill today and thought it would be funny to see what I could make with the video clips I was able to get during our trip before the canoe incident.( Sorry Matt, you managed to stay out of every video on my camera. )

p.s. my camera magically started working about a week after I got back from the trip. :)