Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Study Break!

So I've been studying for a map test in my Modern Middle East class...

FYI middle eastern coutries and cities are VERY hard to spell/memorize (so I'm taking a break to blog).

I've always been an awful test taker and have a hard time memorizing things. The only way I seem to have any success is if I use mnemonic devices. Here's some examples of how I've been remembering countries/cities:

I remember the city Muscat because Muscat is part of Nathan's old screen name.

yeMEN and oMAN are next to eachother on the map... so I have to remember that it is the manly section of the map. (and this one is actually one of the better ones!)

I'm screwed.

If you have been to Kalamazoo 10 lately, you may have seen that our screens don't allow the whole title's of every movie to fit... here's one that customers keep pointing out to me. "Rise of the P" .... sounds a little dirty haha

This has happened before, one of my favorites was "Little Red Riding Ho"

haha never a dull moment there :)


  1. hahahaha I read this and laughed. I think your mnemonic devices are great, but following it up with I'm screwed is hilarious.

    I thought you posted this to say you went to see the Lion King. Everyone wants to see the Lion King. I don't really, but if you do let me know if it's as magical and moving as everyone is claiming it to be.

    Good luck on your test!

    Chelsea :)

    Also, I don't even know what I'M going to be for Halloween! Maybe we should skype and brainstorm.

  2. sounds like a plan! Skype date soon!