Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Free Caricature

The apartment complex that I live at was hosting a party with free food, mechanical bull, jousting, and caricatures. I went down and got some pizza with Megan. We waited in line to get our caricature done too. I gave the biggest smile for about 5 minutes straight ( a little unnecessary). The picture turned out pretty funny. It's definitely going on the fridge!

I skyped with Amy after and she kept telling me she wanted to go get ready for the Poison concert. I kept doing things to stall her and she didn't even notice. I even told her to stay still so I could draw a caricature of her. I think she thought I was taking it seriously,, but of course I was just trying to get her to stay on skype longer. here's a picture of my lovely drawing (notice how long I was able to keep her on skype) 

43 minutes, 11 seconds

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